Kodama Obsidian 3D Printer Review – Long Lasting?

The Kodama Obsidian is a $99 desktop 3D printer made by Kodama, a manufacturer or maker based in San Francisco, USA. This printer presents a smooth and reliable design and also a part of new generation of FDM 3D printers. It is inaugurated on Kickstarter on June 2017, just like its precursor the Kodama Trinus (Kit) that was profitably crowdfunded by over 3,000 people in April 2016.

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Now let us have a look at its features, Kodama Obsidian presents the great number of affordability means it is reasonable in price, quality includes print quality and style.

Kodama Obsidian 3D Printer Review

Some major features include plug and play which refers that this printer is received assembled and ready to use. The second one is Aluminum chassis or body, for a stylish looking and lightweight machine.

The third one is build volume which allows relatively big prints (desktop-wise), and the last but not the least is heated bed.

Now, moving towards the upgrades and enhancements of this printer, there is a 2MP integrated camera, Wi-Fi and SD card connectivity option, large LCD touchscreen, an android display for reliable print settings resolutions, a heated bed for ABS, nylon and PETG 3D printing, also have USB card slot, and in the last iOS and Android applications.

In short, a brief introduction to Kodama Obsidian is, a never before seen combination of durability, reliability, quality, and aesthetics.

Still, if that introduction is not enough it operates non-generic firmware too. Its body design will literally inspire you as you will never see this design before.

Another surprising thing about this printer that there is power outage recovery option means in case if your printer shutdown it will resume your prints.


  • Elegant or exquisite design
  • Plug and print
  • Camera option
  • Smart LCD touch screen option
  • Power outage recovery or resuming prints option
  • Heated bed
  • Wide filament capability
  • Quality output and advanced extruder
  • Application control
  • Exclusive Obsidian PLA


  • Small build size
  • Features are extra enhanced
  • High footprint
  • No user community yet

Kodama Obsidian 3D Printer Review

Conclusion:After this whole discussion I just came to an end that if anyone wants a printer within a cheap price then he or she would surely go for this, because not only the price is cheap but also there are a lot of exciting things it offers includes camera, LCD display with touch screen, plug and play, resuming option, heated bed etc. and much more like this as I mentioned above. So, are you ready to buy this?

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