Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D Printer Review – Best for Beginner?

Few companies have proceeded as faster as Monoprice in 3D printer market space. The Maker Select Plus builds on the design of Monoprice’s earlier Maker Select 3D printer, with several upgradations to accuracy and size.

With their Maker Select Plus, Monoprice maintains to expand their Select line of 3D printer, which encompasses another budget-friendly alternative such as Select Mini, Maker Select V2, and Maker Select Ultimate.

Besides this Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D Printer Review, You can see the wide range of Best 3D Printers for beginners Under $500  to pick your desired one.

But if you never tried 3D printing, then there are more extravagant options still and ever before. The MP Maker Select Plus comes totally build and ready to print and operate, unlike many other low-cost printers.

In spite of the price the Maker Select Plus 3D printer is not a kit, and you will find it best as your starting point.

Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D Printer Review

In this review, once again I am going to tell you that what’s in the box of Maker select Plus 3D printer, every time in the box you will receive, Maker Select Plus 3D printer, spool holder, spool stand, AC power cord, USB cable, SD card, scraper, PTFE tube, hex key set, hex bolts, cable ties, 10m PLA filaments, and print bed mat.

Also, it has a smaller footprint, the LCD menu system has been already enhanced to the 3.25 inches touchscreen system. it is very simple, smooth and easy to design with on-the-fly print tuning option or alternative. the upgraded Anti-Jam MK10 extruder features a 0.4mm nozzle diameter and a 100-micron layer resolution as I already mentioned about it. allowing you to create smooth and high-quality prints.

Also, it supports all filaments types, the heated build plate and the wide range of extruder temperatures, allow this printer to work with any type of filament from the basic filaments like PLA and ABS, to more advanced material such as conductive PLA, wood and metal materials or dissolvable PVA.

Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D Printer Review

Quality assurance and technical assistance are also provided on Monoprice website. It is totally an open frame designed.

Moreover, this 3D printer is close-packed enough to fit in any desk. Micro SD card is available with pre-installed or default models or designs, so you can easily start printing out of the box.

Do you want to know another exciting thing about Maker Select Plus3D printer, which includes that it is PC and MAC accordant or compatible? And yes, it is!


  • All in one design
  • Do not require Mosfet mod
  • Touchscreen and UI
  • Compatible software
  • Easy in setting up
  • Easy to operate
  • Ready to print
  • Concise easy to follow manual
  • Budget quality is good
  • Totally build


  • Replacements parts do not available as V2
  • It is not that finely tuned like V2
  • A little bit time consuming but got high results after


If you are ready to take your ideas and designs from you draft or CAD file to the upper level, the Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D printer is an awesome start solution for your needs.

Unlike, kit-based printers which want a certain level of knowledge, experience and time to assemble, this printer is totally assembled using only 6 screws and adds up each and everything you will need to take a start.

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